Black Teas

Invigorating, traditional and sublimely fitting to many occasions. Black tea is the most commonly consumed type of tea in the UK.  Surprisingly, many forms of black tea consumed on a daily basis are low grade dusty fanning. We are sure this staple of the British cupboard deserves to be enjoyed in a higher grade form, allowing the invigorating comfort of this classic beverage to flourish.

Tea Description
NoimageAssam India TGFOP £ Classic strong and full-bodied cup of black tea.
Assam Gentlemen FTGFOP 1 First FlushAssam Gentlemen FTGFOP first flush £ Grown in upper Assam, India. Strong and malty with a sweet, fruity aroma. This silvery leaf produces a lovely dark liquor, perfect as a ‘wake-up tea’.
NoimageAssam Hattialli TGFOP first flush £ Hattialli, meaning Elephant route, is located in close proximity to an elephant camp in the famous tea producing region of Assam, India. The TGFOP first flush leaves steep to a deep mahogany liquor with smooth caramel flavours.
Ceylon Large Leaf Ceylon OP large leaf £ Picked at an altitude of 2,100m in the Nuwara Eliya tea gardens, this large wiry leaf gives intense, coppery colour and a smooth lemony finish. Delicious with or without milk.
Darjeeling FTGFOP1 First Flush 1Darjeeling FTGFOP first flush £ Commonly referred to as the champagne of teas, Darjeeling is the perfect afternoon tea. Grown in the unique territory of Darjeeling, this top grade, first flush leaf produces a light, flowery aroma with a classic spring-like flavour.  A favourite among Darjeeling devotees.
Darjeeling Himalayan FTGFOP1 First FlushDarjeeling Himalayan FTGFOP1first flush £ A superbly flavoursome Darjeeling produced in view of the magnificent Himalayas. These leaves are picked before the first rains of spring and brew to give a fresh, floral cup with nutmeg notes.Excellent with tangy, fruit desserts.
Earl Grey Earl Grey £ Premium black tea, subtly flavoured with natural bergamot oil and blue cornflower flower. Sweet and delicate, best served black.
NoimageDarjeeling Earl Grey £ Classic Earl Grey on a Darjeeling base.
English Breakfast English Breakfast £ The quintessential English favourite. A perfect balance of carefully selected Assam and Ceylon teas. Brews to make an intense morning cup. Excellent with milk.
Keemun Congou Keemun Congou £ Smoky and mildy nutty in flavour, Keemun is one of the most celebrated of China’s black teas originating in Quiman in Anhui province. Its small delicate leaves provide a rich brew, often described as having an orchid aroma.
Kenya Tinderet 01Kenia Tinderet TGFOP1 £ Generously flecked with bright golden tips, this orthodox produced tea is cultivated at altitudes of up to 9000 ft in the Tinderet estate in Kenya, the world’s largest exporter of black tea. Complex and robust in flavour with hints of fruit, this special grade TGFOP1 tea brews to a beautiful dark clear red.
Russian CaravanRussian Caravan £ The origins of this distinguished tea can be found in the 18th Century. As part of the growing tea trade camel caravans would travel from China to Europe via Russia. On these long, harsh journeys the tea would be infused with the nearby smoke from campfires each night. Today this tea is enjoyed for its nostalgically sweet smokiness.Delicious with or without milk.
Yunnan Golden Tips Yunnan Golden Tips £ One of the finest black teas from China. The harvest of ancient tea plants in the cloud-veiled mountains of Yunnan Province. Yunnan Golden Tips is an Exquisite tea, making for a dark brew with a clean, peppery, honey aftertaste.
NoimageGeorgian Old lady £ Georgia has many tea growing villagers who produce small amounts of tea by hand in their own homes. The process uses traditional methods including the plucking of buds and tips which are laid in a single layer and left to wither over night. The following morning the leaves are hand rolled and left to dry in the sun. This particular tea is produced in small amounts by a Georgian lady called Natela. It is a full bodied tea with toffee tones and should be enjoyed without milk.
NoimageRussian Samovar Tea £ A traditional Russian blend of strong black teas, made using a tradition samovar. The tea is made into a strong brew (zavarka) to which water from the samovar is added to dilute. This tea is served with a fruity conserve or a slice of lemon.
NoimageCathedral £ Bold and dark, our Cathedral tea is full of malty, smoky flavours and delicious strength. A blend suitable for dark, rainy days. An excellent accompaniment to chocolate and chocolate cake.
NoimageSt.Petersburg Morning £ A refreshing and balanced blend of Ceylon, Darjeeling and Vietnamese Orange Pekoe. A deep golden brown cup with a pleasant bite and sweet aftertaste. An excellent tea to serve with breakfast pastries.
Lapsang SouchongLapsang Souchong £ A fine quality classic Lapsang Souchong from Fujian Brews to make a silky smooth cup. Bold with depths of aroma, this instantly recognizable tea undergoes a process of withering and drying in bamboo baskets in the smoke of pine fire. A delicious accompaniment to many dishes.
Vietnamese Orange Pekoe 01Vietnamese Orange Pekoe £ A delicious black tea from southern Vietnam. The delicately rolled leaves steep to make a dark liqour with superb honey and bitter cocoa tones. A tasty breakfast tea.
Russian Earl Grey Russian Earl Grey £ Classic Earl Grey, lighter on bergamot aroma with a zesty kick of orange and lemongrass and a sprinkling of cornflowers.
I Love You I Love You £ Sweet red hearts and pomegranate flowers on a base of Vietnamese Orange Pekoe. Say “I love you”
with a cup of tea!
London Fog 01London Fog £ A velvety combination of sweet vanilla pods and aromatic Earl Grey. Delicious served with steamed milk.
Caramel Craving 1Caramel Craving £ Indulgent chunks of toffee and flakes of chocolate with a tangy Ceylon base. Guaranteed to satisfy a sweet tooth!
Alhambra Alhambra £ A very aromatic blend of apple, raspberries and jasmine on a base of Vietnamese Orange Pekoe. Refreshing and uplifting. A nice change from plain black tea. Good iced.
NoimageLazy Vanilla £ The sweet, dreamy aroma of vanilla from fresh, ripe vanilla pods on a base of Vietnamese Orange Pekoe. Delicate and aromatic.
Duchess of CambridgeDuchess of Cambridge £ An elegant blend of rose petals, sunflower petals and cornflowers on a base of Ceylon OP Large Leaf. A bright brew, with a sweet hint of rose.
NoimageRobinson Crusoe £ A blend based on black tea bursting with delicious tropical island fruits: raspberry, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, cranberry, pineapple, cardamom, peach, apple, ginger, hibiscus and quince.
NoimageDark Star £ A blend of large leaf Ceylon black tea and sweet, highly aromatic star anise.
Siberian Samovar Siberian Samovar £ Cinnamon, chocolate flakes, fiery ginger, orange, cardamom and red peppercorns with Vietnamese Orange Pekoe. Warming and indulgent.
Noimage5 O’clock £ An excellent blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling with a Chinese black tea. Light and delicate with a fresh aroma. A lovely afternoon tea.
NoimageRussian Breakfast £ Sweet vanilla pods and lapsang souchong intertwined to a make a sweet, smoky black tea
1001 Nights 1001 Nights £ A magical fusion of Ceylon and Sencha, complimented with subtle oriental Jasmine and rose petals.  Best served with a good book.