Chai literally meaning tea has come to be known throughout the world as a deliciously spicy beverage. In its native Indian subcontinent Chai is extremely popular, being served on the streets by special vendors or chai wallahs. Whether drunk milky and sweetened with honey or plain, this warming drink will energize and bring warmth.

Tea Description
Samovar Chai Samovar Chai £ A wonderfully spicy chai, blended with traditional Indian spices. Ginger root, cardamom and cinnamon on a malty Assam base. A vivacious alternative to your everyday English Breakfast.
Chilli Chai 1Chilli Chai £ Our spicy Samovar Chai with a fiery twist of black and red peppercorns and chilli flakes. A really zingy cup of tea, guaranteed to bring warmth.
NoimageGreen Chai £ A green twist on the popular spicy chai, which is usually based on black tea. Our green chai has all the zing of more traditional chai, with sweet cinnamon, star anise and cloves on a base of full-flavoured Ceylon Gowrakele. The green tea flavour comes through the spices and is well suited as a robust base. A tasty uplifting tea, good for sipping all day long.