Green Teas

With an almost infinite number of varieties your journey through the world of green teas will never be dull. Whether full bodied and tangy or smooth and mellow, the vibrancy of spring is guaranteed in every cup. Many have tried green tea in the tea bag form, unfortunately with disappointingly bitter results. We believe the only way to enjoy green tea’s refreshing dimensions of flavour is through the loose leaf.

Name Description
Aristocratic Eyebrows (Chun Mee)Chun Mee Aristocratic Eyebrows £ Delicately dried and shaped according to traditional methods, the fine eyebrow shaped leaves are affectionately known as precious or aristocratic eyebrows. The dark jade leaves produce a light amber liquor with smooth, mellow toasty.
Ceylon EmeraldCeylon Emerald OPA £ Lively and brisk, this is a characteristically flavoursome Ceylon green tea. Grown at high altitude and processed using traditional Chinese methods. The leaves of this rare and unique tea are rolled into regular pellets to produce a full-bodied brew, with distinctive musty depths.
China Sencha China Sencha £ A clear, honey colour brew with a refreshing grassy sweetness. Sencha is a staple green tea every green tea lover should stock. This delicious tea is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to explore green teas for the first time. Japanese in origin, Sencha is increasingly grown in the tea gardens of China and processed using Japanese methods. Sencha is steamed before being rolled, shaped and dried, unlike the traditional Chinese method which involves pan frying.
Genmaicha Popcorn Tea Genmaicha Popcorn Tea £  Nutty, savoury and rather morish. Steeped in mythology and legend this is a surprisingly delicious combination of fire roasted brown rice and Sencha. Originally blended Japanese peasants to bulk up their tea supplies, this is now a very popular tea both in Japan and the rest of the world
Gunpowder Temple of Hunan 01Gunpowder Temple of Hunan £ The leaves of this charming tea are hand-rolled into shiny gunpowder-like pellets which burst open with flavour when steeped. The method of rolling the leaves tenderises and locks in aroma. A fresh green tea, with slightly smoky notes and a bright yellow infusion.
Organic Jasmine Silver Buds Yin HaoOrganic Jasmine Silver Buds £ One of the finest jasmine green teas. Grown at high altitude in Fujian province, jasmine buds are laid over the delicate downy leaves to infuse them with a fantastically subtle, sweet fragrance. This process is repeated around seven times. A light, sweet cup with a perfect balance of jasmine floral
Phoenix Eyes Phoenix Eyes £ Harvested in the misty mountains of Fujian province, China. The unopened bud and leaf are masterfully hand-rolled giving a clear, bright infusion with a superbly light, chestnut aroma. Watch these beautiful pearls unfurl to make a truly special cup.
NoimageDragon well £ Famed for its beautiful green colour, superb flavour and gentle aroma, reminiscent of freshly cut grass. Dragon Well is hand produced and revered for its high quality.
NoimageGreen Monkey £ A tea produced in small amounts and perfect for special occasions. This tea is produced from bushes grown in the mountains of Wu Yi and gives a light, spring-like cup.
NoimageMao Feng £ Wonderfully soft and full of characteristically green flavour. Mao Feng refers to the picking of a bud and two leaves of equal length in tea terminology.A finely ground green tea from Japan, used in traditional tea ceremonies and cooking. It has an unusual seaweed flavour and is served whisked in a cup.
Madame Butterfly Madame Butterfly £ A sumptuous blend of sunflower and rose petals, crushed raspberry leaves and tangy pieces of strawberry on a base of Sencha green tea.A gorgeous tea bursting with summer strawberries on a mild Sencha base and some peppercorns for a little twist and healthy ginkgo. This magical leaf is known for helping everything from memory loss to poor hearing to blood circulation.
NoimageMoroccan Mint £ Traditional North African blend of Gunpowder green tea and peppermint leaves. Superbly refreshing.
Rose Sonata 01Rose Sonata £ A naturally uplifting composition of China Sencha, rose petals and whole rose buds. Satisfying and smooth. A tangy and refreshing blend of ginger, peppercorns, green tea and peppermint. A good tea to accompany rich desserts.
NoimageRocket Fuel £ A special blend for moments when one needs to keep awake. This is punchy mixture of Gunpowder green tea and Mate both of which are high in caffeine, but not too dehydrating. This tea has a very specific herbal, almost smoky flavour and is sure to give you a boost.
NoimageLittle Buddha £ Delicious Sencha green tea packed with an array of delicious flavours including pineapple, papaya, liquorice, sandalwood, red peppercorns and Roman chamomile.