White Teas

Soft delicate white tea has been consumed in its native China for over a thousand years. It is only recently that this superb tea has come to be popular in the west. White tea undergoes very little processing in comparison to other teas. The buds and leaves are selected and then steamed and dried without any oxidation. Meaning the fine, white downy hairs on the unopened buds remain giving white tea its name. White tea contains less caffeine than green and black teas and far more antioxidants making it the perfect choice for healthy beverage.

Name Buy Description
NoimageShou Mei – Eyebrows of Longevity  £ A white tea with plenty of depth of flavour and more robust, stronger brew than other white teas. Produced in Guanxi Province, China from the naturally withered upper leaves and tips with hints of light oolong.
NoimageWhite Monkey £ Delicate hand rolled long leaves producing a pale, highly aromatic cup. Deliciously soft and sweet. Legend has it that due to the treacherous conditions in which this tea was grown, trained monkeys were employed to harvest it, giving it its name.
Pai Mu Tan with Bamboo Pai Mu Tan with Bamboo £ This elegant white tea is the produce of buds and young leaves, picked before they open. Sun withering and minimal handling ensure each precious leaf and bud remains intact. A clear brew with a fresh aroma and velvety smooth flavour accompanied by a subtle grassiness from the added bamboo leaves.
NoimageWhite Pu Ehr ‘Moonlight £ A rare tea from Yunnan Province, the large and long black-brown leaves with white tips give a pale, yellow-brown infusion with delicate mellow, honey sweet nutty tones. This type of white tea is a recent invention and is almost exclusively produced for export.
NoimageFujian White Long Jasmin £ A fresh white jasmine tea from Fujian province. The long twisted young leaves are picked and left to wither in natural sunlight and prevented from oxidizing, making for a characteristically light, white tea with a sweet, fruity aroma with apple tones.